Washtenaw Writers, Your Content Writing Specialists

It’s with great excitement that I announce the launch of my new content writing business, Washtenaw Writers.

In the past I’ve used this site as something of a personal blog to chronicle various writing and photography I’ve done over the years, but now I’m slowly transitioning it into the new web home of my latest business venture.

Those of you who know me know that I’ve been working in the Washtenaw County newspaper business ever since graduating from Eastern Michigan University in 2003 with a four-year journalism degree. If there’s a newspaper in the county, name it and I’ve likely written content for it.

When I started my degree program in 1999, the focus was still very very much on print journalism. Given the drastic changes the industry has experienced since then, I’ve been forced to adapt and have done so quite successfully, learning the ropes of lucrative social media strategy, search engine optimization, blogging and digital marketing.

I also spent a couple of years teaching English composition at EMU while working on an M.A. program in literature.

I’ve even written grants on a volunteer basis for an area non-profit.

Why I started Washtenaw Writers:

I want Washtenaw Writers to become the go-to source for local business owners and organization leaders seeking the absolute best content writing services for their money.

Whether you’re a landscaping company boss looking for help boosting your social media presence, a professor with a manuscript in need of editing, a church secretary who wants to publish a polished bulletin each week or a non-profit desiring consistent monthly email blasts, we’re here for you.

We’re the local guys and we undertand the Washtenaw County writing scene better than any of the big companies.

Get in touch by explaining your project and we’ll send you back a free quote.

Also, please like our Facebook page, @washtenawwriters, and share this post with anyone you know who would benefit from the services we offer.

My personal Twitter page is @washtenawwriter, no S.

Best regards,

Steven Howard, senior writer/owner