Saline gets mysterious in your next springtime read

I interviewed local author Steve Hagood a couple of years ago about his debut novel, “Chasing the Woodstock Baby.”

It will feel very familiar to anyone who lives in the City of Saline or who comes here regularly, as the location is actually a significant character in its own right.

From my synopsis in the article, the book “tells the tale of a retired Detroit police officer aptly named Chase. The ex-cop agrees to track down a woman’s long-lost daughter who she gave birth to at the Woodstock music festival in New York in 1969 and then never saw again. After establishing several leads, Chase finds himself about an hour west of Detroit in the idyllic small town of Saline, where he quickly learns things aren’t as tranquil as they seem.”

There are still copies for sale around town at places like Carrigan Cafe, and maybe one day you’ll see Steve out and about and you can snag an autograph from him.

Original article in The Saline Post

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